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There are thousands of owners in the UK burdened by unwanted timeshare contracts & holiday club agreements. Initially you would have entered into a contract that promised you ownership of an apartment or complex for a set number of weeks per year. As time goes on we want different things and don’t want the restrictions imposed by a timeshare, but the reality of dissolving the contract seems impossible.

At the time of signing on the dotted line you may have been wrongly told by the timeshare operator or resort that you can walk away or sell your timeshare quite easily. Far too often timeshare owners were told what they wanted to hear just in order for the salesperson to make the sale. Unfortunately for timeshare owner some resorts and operators continued to make false promises by the means of upgrades and other schemes again only to lock you in even deeper and empty your pockets in the process time and time again with ongoing fees and charges.

Almost all our clients have unsuccessfully tried multiple times to previously remove themselves from ownership of their timeshare. At C&J Legal Associates we can help you relinquish your ownership.

Don’t be burdened by ongoing timeshare associated fees and excessive maintenance costs, contact us and one of our friendly and knowledgable consultants can help you build a strong case to cancel your timeshare and ascertain your eligibility for a financial claim.

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